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Wide Format Digital Printing
Print Media
IJ180CV3-10 White Vinyl Controltac with Micro Comply Adhesive
IJ380CV3-10 White Vinyl Controltac with Micro Comply Adhesive
IJ170CV3 White Cast Vinyl with V3 Micro Comply Adhesive
IJ180C-10 White Vinyl Controltac with Comply
IJ180-10 Controltac 3M Opaque Graphic Film
IJ8150 Optically Clear 2mil Cast Vinyl Clear View
IJ160C-10 4 mil White Vinyl Controltac with Comply
IJ162-114 Clear 4 mil Controltac Vinyl
40C-10R Gloss White Vinyl with Comply Adhesive
40C-20R Matte White Vinyl with Comply Adhesive
IJ35-10 Gloss Inkjet Vinyl For Short Term Graphics
IJ35-20 Matte Inkjet Vinyl for Short Term Graphics
IJ35C-10 Gloss White Inkjet Vinyl with Comply Air Release
IJ35C-20 Matte White Inkjet Vinyl with Comply Air Release
IJ36-20 3mil Matte Vinyl with Changeable Adhesive
IJ39-20 3.5 mil Matte White High Tack Adhesive Vinyl Film
IJ46-20 4 mil Matte White Vinyl with Changeable Adhesive
IJ3552C Matte White Controltac Changeable Vinyl w/Comply
IJ3555 Matte White Vinyl with Changeable Adhesive
IJ3650-114 Clear Vinyl for Inkjet Printing
IJ61 Clear Window Film for Inkjet Printing
IJ3630-20 Translucent Vinyl for Inkjet Printing
IJ63-20 4 mil Matte Translucent Film with Changeable Adhesive
IJ67 Perforated Window Film 40%
IJ680-10 Refelective Film for Inkjet Printing
IJ680CR-10 Reflective Film Removable Comply Adhesive
IJ5000 Scotchlite 6mil White Reflective Inkjet Film
IJ5100-10 Scotchlite 7mil White Reflective Inkjet Film
IJ5100R Scotchlite 6mil White Reflective Removable Inkjet Film
IJ8171 Scotchcal Perforated Window Film
IJ8624 Textured Surface Wall Graphics Vinyl Film
8508 3 mil Gloss Overlaminate
8509 3 mil Luster Overlaminate
8518 2 mil Gloss Overlaminate
8519 2 mil Luster Overlaminate
8520 2 mil Matte Overlaminate
8524 2 mil Textured Surface Luster Overlaminate
8528 Cast 2mil Gloss Overlaminate
8580 2 mil Ultra Conformable Extreme Overlaminate
8909 2.5 mil Matte Polyolefin Overlaminate
8914 Optically Clear Overlaminate for Window Film
8915 Ultra Matte Clear Overlaminate
3645 54FY 54"x50yd 3M Floor Graphics Overlaminate
3647 Sidewalk Floor Graphics Overlaminate
3640-114 Clear Gloss Overlay Graphic Protection Film

Non-Printable Wrap Films
1080 Series Vehicle Wrap Film
Electronically Cut Graphic Film
Opaque Film
7725 Electrocut HP Film with Synthetic Liner
7125 Electrocut HP Film with Kraft Paper Liner
Reflective Film
3200 Series Commercial Grade Reflective Film
5100 Series Engineer Grade Reflective Film
5100R Series Engineer Grade Removable Reflective Film
3400 Series Engineer Grade Prismatic Reflective Film
4000 Series Diamond Grade Reflective Film
3900 Series Prismatic High Intensity Reflective Film
1100 Series Transparant Film for Reflective
Translucent Film
3630 Series Translucent Graphic Film
Illuminated Sign Films and Substrates
Translucent Graphic Film
3630 Series Translucent Graphic Film
Light Management Film
3635-100 Light Enhancement Film
3635-210 Dual Color White Light Management Film
3635-222 Dual Color Black Light Management Film
3635-20B White Blockout Light Contol Vinyl Film
3635-22B Black Blockout Light Contol Vinyl Film
3635-30 White Diffuser 30% Light Transmission Film
3635-70 White Diffuser 60% Light Transmission Film
3635-91 Smoke Grey Light Control Film
3640GPS Graphic Protection System
Flexible Substrates
Panagraphics™ Flexible Substrate

Opaque Film
Series 160 Controltac Graphic Film
Series 160C Controltac Graphic Film with Comply
Series 180 Controltac Graphic Film
Series 180C Controltac Graphic Film with Comply
3470 Scotchcal™ Graphic Film
3500C Controltac Plus Changeable Film with Comply
3650 Scotchcal™ Graphic Film
3690 Scotchcal™ Graphic Film
3690LF Scotchcal™ Graphic Film with Layflat Liner
3662 Sidewalk Base Film Floor Graphics
Sheet Printable Film Label Material 7950
Sheet Printable Foil Label Material 7940
Sheet Printable Film Label Material 7980
Clear Film
3647 Overlaminate for Sidewalk Graphics
Graphic Protection Options - Overlaminate & Clears
Graphic Installation & Mounting
Installation Tools
Applicators PA-1 Squeegees
Low Friction Sleeves SA-1
Film Air Release Tool
RBA-1 Rivet Brush Applicator
CMP-1 Power Grip Rivet Pad Applicator
VCAT-2 Vehicle Channel Applicator
TSA Textured Surface Applicators
Laminating Adhesives
VHB Tape
Adhesives & Fastners
Pre Mask & Application Tape
Application Material
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Envision™ Films
Envision™ Wrap Film LX480Cv3 & SV480CV3
Envision™ 8548G Gloss Wrap Overlaminate
Envision™ Translucent and Diffuser Films
Envision™ Video
3M Graphics Warranties